Respecting Students’ Work

By MacKenzie Waterman, The ACA Charter News

Vandalism on student work isn’t much of a problem at ACA, but so far this year, it has occurred twice. One with a triorama for Mrs. Strutz’s class, and the other was with sheets of paper from Mrs. Edinger’s science class.

In the spring of 2014, someone ripped down and vandalized a poster for GSA club.    After that, Jonathan Crombie’s triorama for Mrs. Strutz’s Novel Explorations class was getting messed with while it was displayed in the hall.

“I’m pretty annoyed because it keeps getting messed with. I always have to go back and fix it,” Crombie stated.


The last week of September, the 5th and 6th-grade Ecosystem classes were working on their own definitions of  “Ecosystems” and “Environment”. The assignment originally was to write helpful comments on their classmates’ work to help improve their definition, the students decided that they wanted to put their work up in the hallway for other students to comment their opinion. In hopes of getting some helpful perspectives, but unfortunately, it ended up going in a different direction.

“Other students hadn’t had the discussions we did on helpful vs non-helpful comments. Some wrote grades on the sheets, such as C or D; others just drew happy or sad faces. Looking back, the comments were not horrible, just disappointing. The class was hoping for better. I don’t think anyone meant to be mean or disrespectful, they just thought it was funny and were not willing to give it the thoughtfulness we had wanted,”  said the teacher of the class, Mrs. Edinger.

When teachers were asked all of them said they have never had anything like this happen before. This is probably a one-time thing, at least for now. So in conclusion, we have found that this is not a recurring problem.

William Poindexter said, ”Students’ work should be left alone unless it directly says that you may give feedback or comment on the work” when asked his opinion on respecting students’ work at school.



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