ACA Penny War

By Elizabeth Tarsia

As you all might know, the PAT volunteers just finished up the Penny War fundraiser. Compared to last years goal, met at $900 dollars, this year’s $500 dollars raised was not as good, but we still rocked it!

All of the profits made from the penny war will go towards future needs for the school. For example, last year they went towards getting staff and students new Chromebooks. It was not stated where the money will exactly go from this “war,” but we do know it will go towards helping the education of the students here.

You might have seen posters in the halls with all the staffs totals. As well as noticing your Educational Specialist a little more competitive than usual. This year our Point Winner (“winner”) was Julie Swanson with 2,127 points and our Money Winner (“loser”) was Jill Mohr who finished with a total of $208.30.

In Penny Wars silver coins count against you, whereas penny’s count as a point for you i.e why it’s called “Penny wars”.

Even though Jill Mohr gained the most money, she did not win because she mostly had silver coins. Julie Swanson had the most pennies so she had the most “points,” thus she technically won.

When speaking to the placers this year, Jill Mohr and Julie Swanson, they stated that they had a blast in the war. Jill and Julie both thanked their students as well as other students for their placement.

Jill Mohr stated that she loves being involved in fundraisers at ACA due to them going towards the students as well as the program. She also mentioned that she always participates in the fundraisers if she is able to.

“There are quite a few things involved in planning a fundraiser: first, you have to decide what you want to do and when, then you fill out an event request form to get approval from Director Nic Chapin to have your fundraiser. Next you just need to plan.” -Said Chantell Bunker, Alliance Charter Academy’s PAT president

With most of the fundraisers put on at ACA, we can thank the PAT team and their President, Chantell Bunker. For information on future fundraisers, see the ACA newsletters, posters, and bulletin boards around the school.



Chantell Bunker Email Interview Nov, 14th, 2017

Jill Mohr Email Interview Nov, 15th, 2017

Julie Swanson Brief personal Nov, 9th, 2017