Winter Concert at ACA

By Alyssa DiLoreto, The Charter News – 

This year, the Winter Concerts are being held in the gym at ACA. According to music teacher, Jonathan Cheskin, this year ACA has a new sound system, so we are able to do our own sound setup. There was also a temperature problem, at Jackson as we had no heat.

In the past few years, ACA has held their music concerts at schools other than this. Last years concert was at the old Oregon City High School, Jackson Campus.

There were many complaints during the winter concert last year. While it was spacious and had plenty of room for each class, they had no heat and it was very cold, which made it hard for students to move back and forth.

A few of the Orchestra students are quite worried by the fact that the ACA stage is rather small and there will barely be any room to shift classes. Some Orchestra students have expressed worries about the changes. Some students, including Tallie Sawatsky, and Hailey Smith, report feeling unprepared, unorganized, and unclear about what’s going on. Hailey Smith says, “I think we need a bigger seating area for both the audience and the orchestras. It’s hard to play with long bows in a small place.”


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