Snack Shack Attack

By Constantine Van Sickle, The Charter News — 11/20/2017 — 

New food! Sounds exciting right? Well ACA might be seeing more food items added to the Snack Shack in the near future.

According to a 2016 snack shack survey new food items have been long overdue as a large amount of students have been looking for a change in the food selection . The Parent Action Team (PAT), who’s in charge of running the snack shack, took action after the personal finance class made a survey asking if students would be interested in new food items. With overwhelming positive feedback from the 2016 Snack Shack survey, the PAT added frozen food items like lasagna and mac ‘n’ cheese to the snack shack, but there are still some unanswered questions from the students such as: ‘What is the process of selecting new food?’ and ‘why hasn’t there been any new hot food lunches?’

Erika Stewart, who is the head coordinator for the Snack Shack, answered a few questions regarding hot lunches and the process of getting new food items, “It could be a possibility that we may see new hot lunches in the future, but in all honesty it seems like the ones that we have are pretty good choices with versatility and that they all have a gluten-free or vegetarian option in them. If we went with a new hot lunch I would want to keep those two factors in consideration. The other things that would need to be kept in mind is something that we can easily make a large quantity of that would have a little cost.” She also later on stated that there needs to be enough students to come up to her and request new hot lunches. Erika Stewart also explains the more concrete four step process that food must go through.  

There are four steps to adding new food items to the Snack Shack, and food must go through those four steps in order for it to be considered as a potential new food item. The four categories are: How much profit can it make? How nutritious is the food item? Can it be sold for a low enough price for the students to afford? Finally, the food item has to be approved by Erika Stewart. Mrs Stewart says that the best way to know if a food item will be popular is by putting a frozen food option out first. With that knowledge in mind, ACA is a student driven school, so how can students help the process and get involved with the lunch shack?

There are a couple of ways to get involved with the snack shack, the first way is to volunteer, not only does it help the snack shack, but you can hack off those volunteer hours. The next way is to donate money, the PAT is always trying to raise money for the students at ACA. The final way to get involved is for the parents of ACA students to be a part of the Parent Action Team. Being a part of PAT means that you would help projects like the Snack Shack and other great projects benefiting ACA. So, get involved! You never know what new food options might be on the horizon.