Flipped Classes at ACA

By Alyssa DiLoreto, The Charter News – 

Both David Toth and fellow math teacher Joy Best have both created instructional videos to help students learn math more effectively. Toth claims that it gives a lot more instructional time, so when they go to class, they have it in their brains they can take the class to do more in-depth work. Toth began using the Flipped Class method with his 6th and 7th grade math classes about three years ago.

The flipped class method is an instructional strategy and a type of learning that delivers instructional content  online, and outside of the classroom.

When asked if students are doing better or worse with this system, Mr. Toth says, “They are doing better. We took a survey, kids who learn slower watch the videos multiple times to help them learn how to do it.”

One of ACA’s science teachers, Ann Heppner, believes that the flipped class method is perfect for ACA. Heppner states.“I continually feel that I would like to cover more content and the flipped model would enable me to do this.  I am hoping to keep at it and add more and more as the year goes on.  I also feel that the Flipped method will become more and more popular reducing lecture time in the classroom and increasing hands-on learning activities for the classes.”. She continues, saying that she is able to cover content more quickly while being able to keep tabs on students understanding.

 “I think that I would be able to cover content more quickly while using formative assessments to keep tabs on student learning and understanding.”

Tallie Sawatsky thinks that it could help sometimes, although she prefers talking to a teacher.

Another student Nicole Engelke has an opinion along the same lines, saying she believes students should interact in person all the time, rather than through online sources.

The Flipped Classes method is still fairly new, and more and more schools and teachers have been adapting to it. While they will not take over schools in general, as many children have many different learning styles, the Flipped Classes will most likely become more prominent in the years.


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