Can classical music be beneficial to your health?

By: Taylor Younger, The Charter Opinions — 

   Many people think that classical music can be boring, and a waste of time to listen to. Little did they know that it is proven to increase your health emotionally, and mentally.

     Simply listening to classical music as background noise can have a significant impact on your mood, productivity, and creativity. First on the very long list of benefits is that classical music can decrease blood pressure.

    Scientist say that classical music’s tempo is similar to the regular human heart , which can lower your anxiety and depression levels. Because classical music can lower your blood pressure, it is good to listen to classical music forty five minutes before you go to bed to increase sleep quality.

  Instead of turning to pain killers (such as Tylenol) try to listening to some Bach or Mozart. Many studies have shown that classical music can relieve pain. According to researchers in London, patient’s listening to classical music used significantly less pain medication than those who don’t  listen to classical music.

         Having less pain can cause you to be happier than you were before. But just getting rid of pain to make you happy isn’t the only way classical music can make you feel better. Classical music can help increase dopamine secretion, which activates the brain’s reward and pleasure center.

  Once in awhile you may need a little boost of brain power  while doing homework or even just cleaning up around the house. Lucky for you classical music can also increase productivity.

 Even though you might think that classical music may be boring and a waste of time. A series of studies have proven that music can make your repetitive task more enjoyable. I hope you consider listening to classical music throughout your day to boost your health and make your stress and anxiety levels decrease while the weight of work and school consume you.