Rediscovering ACA Merchandise

By: Rylie Young, The Charter News —

 (heavyweight crewneck sweatshirt, $29.95)     

The newly rediscovered Alliance Charter Academy online merchandise store website, might not be so new after all. It has a wide variety of products from hoodies to key chains, to dog bandanas. This store is not too difficult to find, go to Alliance Charter Academy’s website, click on the “Student Resources” button, and scroll all the way down to the “Spirit Store”.

When students were told about the school spirit store, some of them actually thought it was a new thing. Turns out it’s actually been up since 2014. Carla Calhoun says it actually “originated” from a parent. She said “There was a family, who had a graduating daughter. The mother wanted their daughter’s graduating class to have some sort of memorabilia, and found Jostens,”  Jostens is the website ACA went through to provide these items. Since the prices are quite spendy, she said, “The parents did a fundraiser, so the kids didn’t have to pay.”


What about the overall buying experience? Jaren Morgan, graduate of 2014, says “Buying was easy, but the options are lacking and the prices are a little high. The items are good though.” The lowest priced item is $15.95 and the highest is $94.95. However, he also says “The sweatshirts are great though. Very comfortable and there’s something cool about having something that connects our graduating class.”


An enormous amount of them advertise a sports team, which our school lacks. Some people might ask “Why do they sell sports items?”. Danelle Till says “they are just templates, nonspecific to our school” meaning schools can customize their items by putting their school colors and mascot, even though they are all given the same inventory. Since they went through Jostens to provide their merchandise, ACA gets none of the profit.


After asking a few students if they would buy any of the merchandise, it’s found that many students didn’t know anything about it. “The school merchandise sounds very cool, I’d love to purchase some!” says Miriam Lee. Ben Coleman said “I knew about the website, I just forgot about it. I have had friends who purchased things off it.”


Reporter: Rylie Young



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