The way Girl Scouts has shaped who I am

By, Elizabeth Tarsia, The Charter Opinions — 

   Long ago, when I was just a small first grader, my mom had received a Girl Scouts brochure at my school’s open house. Little did we both know the life skills this amazing program would teach me.

  Not long after my mom signed me up, I started out in my first troop. I continued in that troop for around 3 years until my mother decided to branch off and create our own troop. I wasn’t the only girl that chose to branch off, my best friend Alyssa Miller came with me.

  As of the year 2017 I have been a Girl Scout for eleven years, and am working on finishing my Silver Award. My Silver Award consists of me and a group of people making baby hats and donating to a hospital for stillborn babies. I was introduced to this topic after my aunt’s sister had a miscarriage later on in her pregnancy and her daughter was a stillborn. A stillborn baby is a child that is born non-living, closer towards the child being full term. It can happen before birth or during. Once I finish my Silver Award I will move to my Gold Award which is equivalent to the Boy Scouts Eagle Award.

Doing all the community service I have done I really start to appreciate all the little things in life. I see people who don’t have a lot and very little family, and due to that go towards drugs. The little things that you are willing to give back could change someone’s willingness to get the help they need.

  Every Year, I sell more than 850 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. In the year 2014, I sold 2,014 boxes of cookies, my highest amount yet. All of the profits that I have received from fundraising go towards buying Christmas presents or Thanksgiving dinners for less fortunate families. As well as some fun trips for our troop. One upcoming trip we are going on is to the Dominican Republic, we will be working with an all girls school and doing service projects down there.

    Girl Scouts has been there for me when I felt no one was. It has given me a safe zone where no one judges me. Being involved in Girl Scouts has given me another group to consider family. I hope the impact it had on me, it will have on others.