Preschool at ACA

By: Olivia Silbernagel, The Charter Features —

Just like ACA, the ACA preschool is unique from other preschools. To start with, the preschool is held inside Park Place school, making ACA able to offer a Preschool through 12th grade education. The preschool and K/1 Enrichment program are taught by Kerry Wright who has been the lead instructor for both since 2011, just 2 years after the preschool began in 2009.preschool11092017_Olivia0107.JPG

The preschool allows the opportunity for parents to tailor their children’s days there. Budget and time constraints may worry parents, but Mrs. Wright says they can “choose any combination of days that work with their schedule and budget.” Because of this, although there are currently almost thirty children enrolled in the preschool, Wright says that they don’t all come on the same day. Both the Pre-K and the K/1 programs allow parents to select the “sessions” they want their children to attend.

Students are “surrounded by a rich community of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of all ages” according to ACA’s webpage on the Preschool. Not only do students have the opportunity to interact with older students around campus, they even have them in their classroom in the form of Teacher’s Assistants. Wright says TAs play an important role in the preschool, “[TAs] assist with art time, they play with the children, and they read stories, to name just a few of the ways they might help!”

Rachel Armstrong, a Junior at ACA, helped out in the preschool during the second semester of last school year. She says her main role in the classroom was to hang out with the kids.  According to Armstrong, the daily activities include crafts, snack time, and an outdoor recess on the playground.preschool11092017_Olivia0109

“They always had wild stories to tell,” said Armstrong,“Preschoolers’ imagination is incredibly vivid.”

The preschool is both owned and operated by ACA and Mrs. Wright is employed by ACA. It also follows the same schedule as the school; the preschool is open Monday through Thursday from 8:45AM to 11:45AM and uses the same calendar for breaks.

Walking into the preschool, you will be met with sounds of kids having fun and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Kids enrolled in the ACA preschool enjoy the opportunity to be surrounded by people of all ages, caring staff, and an overall positive environment.preschool11092017_Olivia0110



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