Out of District Students

By: Samantha Rands, The Charter News – 

Alliance Charter Academy has more out of district students than in district students for the first time in the school’s history.

Fifty-three percent of families at ACA are from out of district, and forty-seven percent of families are in-district. For out of district families to join, they must first attend an informational meeting and the lottery open spots to families in and out of district.

This is the eleventh consecutive year of ACA and currently has students enrolled from twenty-six cities in Oregon. 

OCSD map
This map is from the Oregon City School District’s website.

Melissa Bowers, a ACA mom who lives in the Gresham-Barlow School District, said, “I originally found out about ACA while doing some online research about public charter school options, but then I realized that I knew some families with children attending ACA, so I asked them lots of questions and decided that ACA would be a good fit for our family, too.”

Vicki Nelson, the compliance officer, says, “Over the years as Alliance Charter Academy has grown and the number of families that are in the district have declined due to the number of homeschooled families already enrolled, this has afforded an opportunity for more homeschooled families from out of district to consider enrollment. We have also noticed that many of the families interested in enrolling at ACA have a connection in that they already know of families currently enrolled in the program or have heard of the program in other ways.”

This year’s informational meeting for new families was November 8th at 6pm.


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