Mrs. Best’s The 100 Club

By: Alyssa DiLoreto, The Charter News —

There is a new addition to Mrs. Best’s math classes: This is called the 100 Club.

When students in the 100 Club turn in their homework on time they remain in the club and receive a 3 percent bonus on tests. The classes include Pre Algebra, Geometry, Algebra Theory, and Algebra Applications.

Mrs. Best first heard of the idea when her son was in one of the West Linn High School’s algebra classes. His teacher used this process to motivate students to turn their homework in on time while being rewarded.

“I was TA-ing Algebra Theory last year, and almost no one turned in their homework, maybe like one or two people would consistently turn in their homework. But this year, I’m TA-ing the same class and now a majority is turning in all their homework on time,” says Olivia Silbernagel, an ACA senior.

Paraphrasing Mr. Toth, the elementary math teacher: The 100 club gives a good momentum for kids to turn in homework. Kids always have a hard time catching up with their homework. Many students, such as Torin Combs, and Olivia Silbernagel agree that it is great motivation to turn in homework.

Most kids that were asked say that the 100 club is good motivation, there are some who see no difference as far as turning in homework.  The result of the 100 club will only truly show by the end of the semester.



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