Where are the Sports?

By Luke Burton, The Charter News

Because of the legalities and small numbers of student participants, ACA does not see sports becoming a part of their school now or in the future. ACA has students playing sports; they just don’t play for ACA because ACA does not offer any sanctioned team sports.

“I have been waiting for a soccer team at ACA but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen,”  said Rylie Young, who plays for the Oregon City Soccer Club.

“I have played soccer for 8 years and I am currently playing on the Oregon City Soccer Club,” said Sydni Thorpe, a student at ACA.

These students represent an unknown amount of students who play sports and would love to play sports here at ACA if they offered them.  

Oregon City High School’s varsity soccer team hosts Centennial High School Oct. 19 at the Pioneer Memorial Stadium. The game ended in a 0-0 tie.

If a school wants to have sports that compete against other schools, they have to be sanctioned under the OSAA (Oregon School Activities Association). At a school as small as ACA there are lots of questions to ask to see if it would even be worth our time. How many students would be interested in playing sports? How would the students be transported? Would the sports league travel all over the area? And many more…

Even after all these questions are answered, there are still some restrictions set by the OSAA for schools like ACA, but it is still possible to take part. If you want to play a sport at a school in your district you have to get a waiver signed by Nic Chapin (ACA’s Director), If he signs yes you are good to go. If he signs no then you will not be allowed to participate. “Currently ACA has about 4 or 5 students participating in sports at other schools,” said Nic Chapin, (ACA’s director).  

At ACA we have many different districts represented. Traditionally students play sports at the appropriate school in their district. In the case of ACA this guideline brings up a question. What would it look like if a student from ACA wanted to play sports? Say Sally went to ACA and wanted to play softball at Oregon City High School but Sally lived in Beaverton. This would raise some red flags to the OSAA. If Sally wanted to play softball she would have to play at the appropriate school in her district.

Director Chapin says he supports trying out sports. He believes sports help teach kids lots of life skills like teamwork, hard work ethics, and the ability to persevere. He knows that playing sports might be scary at first but in the end it’s worth your time.  


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