Sultana Johansen

By: Elizabeth Tarsia, The Charter Features


      Sultana Johansen isn’t just your average office secretary; she has her four year medical assistant degree, as well as being very well educated in the medical field. She went from high school into college.

    Prior to working at Alliance Charter Academy she was working as a children’s director at a church. She had been working there for nine years. Sultana Johansen worked in a pediatrics office for a few years. She was a medical assistant there before having her first child Emily. Mrs Johansen has three children, Stella who is sixteen, Caleb who is seventeen, and Emily who is twenty-one. The two out of three of her children that are still in high school, attend Sherwood High school.


   In Mrs. Johansen’s free time she likes to spend time with her children and her husband, Jon. Jon and Sultana like to go listen to music, When the weather allows they like to go hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

  Mrs. Sultana was looking at job listings on Craigslist and our job posting popped up. She then saw it and began the process of trying to get hired. She was nervous about the interview process, due to how long it has been since she has been interviewed. Our process is similar to other work experience jobs, we have a job application that they fill out and then our hiring committee reviews the application and decides whether we interview them or not.

” I am really enjoying my position here at ACA, the community here is very welcoming and make it feel like you are family,” said Sultana Johansen.

ACA director Nic Chapin addressed what it is like to adjust to a new secretary.

“It is always challenging because you get used to the person priors system (Kate), as well as building a professional relationship with them. Kate and I worked together for 3 years. Building that professional relationship/rapport with Sultana will take time. I think she’s done a great job becoming a part of the great culture we have at ACA,” said Nic Chapin.



Johansen, Sultana Personal interview Oct, 4, 2017

Cantrell, Kathleen Personal interview Oct, 4, 2017

Chapin, Nic Oct, 5, 2017