Volunteers Painted Girls’ Bathroom Over The Summer

Samantha Rands, The Charter News–

Thanks to Andrea Zaugg, Brandi Stickney, and Eileen Rands the downstairs girls bathroom is now cleaned out and painted.

Stickney, Zaugg, and Rands are mothers to ACA students. They decided at the end of last year to clean up and paint the downstairs girls bathroom over the summer to fulfill their needed volunteer hours.

Stickney said, “We worked mostly on Fridays during June, July and August.” The bathroom took forty hours to complete.

First they moved everything out, pressure washed and primed the walls, then painted the bathroom. They bought all of the supplies with their own money.

Zaugg also made curtains to hang over the showers. They plan to decorate it some more. Zaugg said, “We are still working on a couple decorations that we’d like to add. Hopefully an inspirational quote around the mirror and some flowers to make it pretty.”


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