Chapin’s Changes

By Kenzie Waterman, The Charter News Features

You might have noticed the changes happening around school, and I’m not just talking about the leaves. Our Principal/Director is determined to make this a better place to learn. One of the changes he is most proud of is math program and now language arts programs help students who are struggling, by adding on more specialists to help the students understand.

This is his second year and he already has made so many changes in order to make the school a safer environment for students, families, and staff. Mr. Chapin, Jill Mohr, and a ton of other volunteers have put up new traffic signs in front of the school and we now have a school garden that will soon be an outdoor learning space.

ACA Director Nic Chapin has implemented many changes since he’s joined ACA, with more planned. (Photo courtesy of Velocity Shots)

Mr. Chapin left his job at Colton High School 8 years ago and started here as a social studies teacher. Mr. Chapin has taken many roles here since; he’s been a teacher, an education specialist (ES), and an Alliance College Experience (ACE) program adviser.  He graduated from George Fox University with his masters and got his administrative credential from Concordia University, following two years at Mt. Hood Community College and one year at Oregon State.

One of Mr. Chapin’s many plans for the future is to continue betterment of education by implementing something called a “Flipped classroom model” where the teacher sends out videos to watch at home to pre-teach what the students will be learning initially to help them be more prepared, save class time and spend more of it on working with the students and less lecturing. They have piloted this in math classes for two years and implemented it into 3 or 4 other subject areas this year.

Our Associate Director, Jill Mohr, when asked how Mr. Chapin was doing as principal stated,Mr. Chapin has shown his exceptional leadership skills in many ways. He’s very knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, works to proactively solve problems, and most importantly, cares about the success of every student in our school.”

One of the reasons Mr. Chapin stated about wanting to be principal is, “The biggest reason I’m in this position is that I think it’s so cool when students have the opportunity to achieve and move on to be successful in their career, whether that’s career or college, and so I think really just being able to help and impact a population to achieve their dream and goals.”