Rule Changes at the Front of the School

unnamedBy William Poindexter, The Charter

At the beginning of this school year ACA announced that there would be a few rule changes to the parking in front of the school. When these changes are heard of it raises a few questions. Why were the rules changed? What are the new rules? Did any particular incident cause the changes? What is the feedback? This article will answer these questions.

According to Mr. Chapin the rules really weren’t changed that much because their main goal was just to make the current rules more visible. The only real changes were that they changed the right lane to a drop-off zone and the left to a driving only lane. They also removed one of the handicapped spots and added two more. The cause for this was that when cars were parked in this particular spot, children trying to cross the street were practically invisible to oncoming cars.

No particular incident caused the changes. The real causes were that the safety staff realized that the area was getting congested and wanted to change that. They also realized that it was an unsafe environment for students and that need to be fixed.

The feedback so far on the parking seems to be mostly positive. Mr Chapin said that he has had parents thank him for the changes because of how much smoother the process is now. The Charter did an independent survey and of the twenty respondents the responses were mostly positive. Results shown above.

 So to wrap up this story, the changes were the removal of one handicapped spot and the addition of two more, and the right lane was changed to be a pick-up/drop-off only zone and the left lane was changed to a driving only lane. The cause of these changes were safety and congestion issues. The feedback from these changes was also mostly positive. In the words Mr. Chapin “I think that any time you can increase student safety most everybody is going to be on board for that.”


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