How Did the Parking Changes Happen?

By Colin Hughes, The Charter News

The Safety Committee at Alliance Charter Academy faced challenges with the safety of their students. During the discussions they had last year, they felt that it was very unsafe and disorderly at thefront of the school where kids were picked up and dropped off. Thanks to a man named Richard Hughes, part of the Safety Committee, parking is much safer. He and the Safety Committee came up with a solution, which was to design the layouts of the handicap parking spots and signage.

Before the end of the 2016-2017 school year, Hughes picked up the new signs and posts the Safety Committee ordered. He then fabricated some of the posts so they could be mounted on the side of the metal fence, drilled and anchored the other ones into the concrete median, and covered all of signs up so no one would be confused until the painting and striping was done. On the 5th of August, he and ACA graduate Liam Hughes, cleaned the concrete median and curb of all the debris and prepped them for the painting. They contacted Elite Striping and set a time and date to do the job. Scott Ferestad, owner of Elite Striping, reviewed and revised the plans.  On the 13th, he went to work, and completed the painting and striping.

Nic Chapin, principal of ACA stated that, “the new traffic changes have improved the traffic flow safety for our students.” He says that it looks clear and effective to get the message across and that he’s constantly looking to further improve the school for future generations and refine the changes. Along with it working exceptionally well, Richard Hughes thinks it looks clean and organized. The project cost a little under $1,000.

In conclusion, picking kids up after school has become much safer thanks to the new signage and painted parking spots.

DISCLAIMER: Liam Hughes is my brother, and Richard Hughes is my dad.


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