Three more ACA staff plan to leave

Ronda Yates in the Curriculum Room


Annie Pullella

The Charter News

This year, is the year of saying goodbye. Mr. Trevor Dyett left and then Mrs. Beth Wickland. Now we are saying goodbye to three more staff members– Mrs. Ronda Yates,  Mrs. Tennille Hostetler, and Mrs. Kate Scott.

Mr. Dyett teaches 6 grade math at HB Lee in Reynolds School district. Dyett reports his new teaching assignment very challenging but it also has its rewards. Mrs. Wickland now is the Placement Advising Coordinator for Clackamas Community College she’s says that she’s getting comfortable and enjoying it, but she’s also missing ACA.

Mrs. Yates has been working at ACA for 5 years working as the curriculum room assistant. Her Freshman son, Colum, is doing a different school program next year and Mrs. Yates is planning on spending more time so that she can help him through the new program.

Mrs. Yates explains why she’s leaving ACA in an Charter interview, “My Husband’s job travels both in the United States and also he’s going to do some international travel, so we’re hoping that we will be able to join him in some of his trips. While Colum’s doing homeschool work at the hotel, we are hoping that we visit some museums and different cities on some of the trips that we are hoping to go on.” Mrs. Yates comments,  “Even though I have only worked here for 5 years, my kids have gone here for 9, and we’ve always enjoyed being a part of the ACA family and really love the people that are here, it’ll definitely be hard and we’ll definitely miss them.”

Mrs. Hostetler is the co- department head of science and C4P teacher. She has been working here for 3 years now. Mrs. Hostetler commented about leaving in an interview, “ Mainly, changes in where my family is living and I found teaching and homeschool at the same time is too time consuming and hard to juggle.” The Hostetler family might be moving in the Sherwood area, they have not quite decided. Anyways, Mrs. Hostetler might be working at a private school in Beaverton and having her kids attend it too. Mrs. Hostetler said in an interview about leaving the school, “It is going to be very hard, I’ve really enjoyed working here, my kids have really enjoyed going to school here and them making a lot of good friends. So it’s going to be hard not seeing them all the time.”

Mrs. Scott reports, in an email forwarded to staff, that she is leaving due to a move to Washington and a subsequent long commute.

“For the sake of my sanity and any potential future road rage issues, I have to make a change,” she wrote. “ Rest assured, I will assist in training to ensure a smooth transition, and I am confident we will find an individual who will love and serve ACA with the same dedication that we all do.”

Now that ACA knows about why they are leaving, they can say a nice farewell and wish them a fun adventure of their journey to a new place in their lives.

“So long, Farewell Auf wiedersehen, I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye.” (high lady’s voice) Goodby-y-y-ye!” – Kurt from Sound of Music


Yates, Ronda. Personal interview. May 15, 2017

Hostetler, Tennille. Personal interview. May 17, 2017  

Dyett, Trevor. Personal interview. May 15, 2017