Paris lands Artist in Residence program

Our very own Ann Paris has been selected for the Artist in Residence program in the Everglades. She will be at the national park during the month of May.

The program offers artists a chance to live and work in the park. Paris will be focusing on poetry and painting during her stay. She was selected due to her writing merit. “for me, art and writing are very much intertwined.” she says.

“I feel incredibly honored for being selected… Some truly world class artists have participated in this residency, and I’m excited to join their ranks.” Paris wrote. For her, the program means returning to her home state of Florida with a suitcase full of painting and drawing supplies. She describes it as an “important next step in my development as a professional writer and artist.”

While Paris is in the Everglades, her classes will be subbed by Sarah Sanderson, and Erin Holman​.

“​This should be a great opportunity for professional develop for Mrs. Paris.” writes Jill Mohr. “She will be sharing her time and talents with the public in a unique way.”

Paris has several notable works, including her book of poetry “Killing George Washington.”  

“I’ve largely been focusing on being a parent and a teacher for the last 12 years. It feels long overdue to be stepping back out into the world as a maker of new work.” Paris says.

She has been a teacher at ACA for several years, and has lived in Oregon since 2003. “I’m looking forward to an entire month dedicated to making art and writing. This is a very rare occurrence in my life–usually demands of family, home, or work are competing for my time and mental energy.” she wrote.


Email Correspondence with Ann Paris

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