Painting our Thumbs Green

Charter Features

By Halie Sofich and Rachel Armstrong

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the community garden was finally started, after being postponed due to the weather conditions.

With the help of driven parents, students, and teachers, a new project has emerged in hopes to provide even more unique and wonderful opportunities at ACA. Our previous and beloved principal, Lara Fabrycki, and our incredible Associate Director, Jill Mohr, had been wanting a community garden at ACA for the past four years. Both being master gardeners, they wanted to share their love for gardening with students and families at ACA.

Lara Fabrycki invited Alex Farnham, a parent and cherished community member, to help with the planning of the community garden. Farnham always had a fondness for gardening since her toddler years, so she loved the idea and was immediately on board. The was later told the garden was to be named after her late partner, Steven Douglas Dirks, who was a loved community member and had a large presence at ACA, who passed away in 2013.

The garden will provide a variety of of learning opportunities for students at ACA. The science department has plans to make use of the space, and families will be able to use the garden for their own classes.

Students and families are welcome and encouraged to come and lend a hand in this new wonderful project at ACA.

“To me a garden is a metaphor for life,” says Farnham.