New Financial Literacy Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

By Alexis Pearson

The Charter News

ACA is requiring the 2017-18 and future freshman to take a new financial literacy class.

“It was an ACA board decision to require the financial literacy course as a way to help prepare students,” said Nic Chapin, the ACA Director.

It will be a 0.5-credit requirement and come out of elective category,

Members of the class of 2021 will have to earn only 6.5 elective credits and 0.5 financial literacy, in addition to the others. Mrs. Calhoun will be teaching the onsite class, but it can also be fulfilled with an ES or at-home. It will likely be the same as the current personal finance class. As far as we know this as an ACA requirement and not a new state requirement.  The class will be similar to the current personal finance class, but the curriculum may change.

2 thoughts on “New Financial Literacy Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

  1. I feel that making it a requirement for freshman to take this class will be very beneficial because they will have a better understanding of balancing income and starting saving plans for the future.


  2. I’m a freshman this year and am taking this class. I can see why it’s a requirement this year and think its a good idea for everybody to take this, I think it very important that we know how to manage and save money as we get older and more responsible.


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