Just ACA Things – Things only ACA goers will understand

By Anna Krieske

The Charter Opinions

  1. ESes-you tell someone about your ES and they get so confused. When you say education specialist it gets worse, as they usually assume that means you’re in special ed or something
  2. Study hall– sure other schools may have study hall periods, but no one has the constant ongoing entity that is; study hall.
  3. Not having multiple lunch periods-apparently other places have multiple lunch periods… what?
  4. The Cave– no, it’s not a mumford and sons song, it’s an awkward half hallway to a door outside.
  5. Nic– do you call your principal Mr. or Mrs.? Well we call him Nic
  6. What’s a school bus?– If you go to ACA and you take a bus… It’s the city bus. School buses are for losers
  7. Field trips– speaking of lack of school buses, field trips here are pretty rare… Because of the school bus thing…
  8. Mr. Dyett and Mr. Kemmis– we all miss them
  9. Parents around– here there are parents everywhere. Halls, lunchrooms, you name it. You can’t get away with being a hooligan, and there’s a lot of family support.
  10. The Dirt Room– yah… it’s as scary as it sounds.
  11. Kate– Kate probably has the answers to all life’s questions… And knows where the tape is
  12. No Homeroom– what the heck is homeroom?
  13. Confusing Periods– ACA days are split up weird… If you get a call saying you were absent in period 12 you have to analyze the alignment of the freaking stars to figure out when that was.
  14. Narnia-no it’s not in a closet in England, it’s in the girls bathroom.
  15. Weird scheduling and class breaks-apparently other schools DON’T have gaps in between classes where they need to sign up for study hall or go home..?
  16. The lamb-again, we miss Mr. Dyett
  17. The stage– Oh is your stage not made primarily out of black boxes that you have to set up every time you want to use it? Ours is.
  18. People wanting to learn-I’d say this school has a higher concentration of people who actually WANT to be here
  19. Little kids– at a typical high school you won’t see kindergartners running around, but here it’s quite possible! Being a k12 school, all ages can be seen in the halls and classes.
  20. Crazy outfits– here at ACA it’s not out of the ordinary to see people in blue wigs and costumes on occasion. It’s just a thing.
  21. Breaking into song– it also wouldn’t be strange to find people singing in the halls, whether it be for choir or leisure, or music coming from classrooms that definitely don’t house music classes.
  22. Burnt popcorn– ACA’s signature smell. If they made an “Essence of Alliance Charter Academy” perfume, it would smell like burnt popcorn. Seriously just don’t cook it so long, you’re interrupting Hamlet.
  23. No locker locks– no lockers are locked here. I’m pretty sure you’re not actually allowed to have them anyway… No one steals things here I guess, I’ve put my laptop in my locker and have never once worried for it’s safety.
  24. Songs at lunch– at the end of daily announcements there’s always like a minute of a completely random song being played. Can you always hear the words? No. Should you dance anyway? Yes.
  25. The honor system– from stickers to coffee there are things posted to be bought simply by leaving your money in a jar and taking what you need. Not many abuse that system, which I feel would never work at any other school.