Jill Mohr and Educational Technology

Piper Stephens

The Charter Features

Right now, Jill Mohr is ACA’s Assistant Director, but did you know that she used to be an educational technology specialist? Before ACA, Mohr taught classes about video production and more for the Beaverton School District.

“When I was in college I was just getting married, and my husband was a computer science engineer. So I decided to take a couple computer classes just to find out what he did and I fell in love with programming and using computers in the classroom, so it kind of blossomed from there.”~Jill Mohr, on how she got into educational technology.

Educational technology specialists help schools use technology in their classes. “The role of an instructional technology specialist is especially valuable due to the growing use of technology in classrooms.” says Learn.org. On how things have changed, Mohr said, ”I used to be the expert back then, and now I’m learning more and more as time goes on from students.”

Mohr took classes at Oregon State University, but says that she learned a lot on her own. After going to college, Mohr worked as an educational technology specialist for the Beaverton School District. While there, she taught a class on podcasting news stories, and another on video production.

From there Mohr moved on to working at LinkUp, helping students learn about technology in a computer class that she taught with Ms. Rosemeyer. When ACA began, she held classes on word processing, video production, and HAM radio.

When asked about her experiences with teaching technology classes, Mohr said, “I think it just made me realize that I have to keep learning, and that I can’t think that i know it all, or that I’m up to date on everything because I know that’s not true.”

While Mohr doesn’t teach tech classes anymore, she is now ACA’s assistant director, and still works with the teachers. She learned a lot from her students as well, but says that “…the learning aspect, for me, was secondary to seeing how my students were learning and the excitement they had.”


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