Horse Training and Showing


Annie Pullella

The Charter Feature

A lot of people think that training and showing a horse is easy and simple, but it’s really not. There is a lot of stuff for you to do. Jill Mohr, ACA’s Assistant Director and teacher helper was a horse trainer and she is here to help us understand all the requirements.  

All the things that you need for training and showing a horse can get pretty expensive. You will need a horse trailer, and a vehicle that is able to pull a trailer for your daily use. For training, you will need a saddle and a bridle that you use daily and grooming equipment so that you can groom your horse properly. Then what you need to show is proper clothing for the dress code, a show saddle because your training saddle is for training, not showing, and maybe a bridle that coordinates with your saddle to look nice. You should also always bring extra supplies with you in case you forget or lost something because that would be unfortunate.

Now first, you need to start training your horse for the show that you are competing in. Hours and hours should be spent to training your horse to do the right sequence. Your horse should have a good temper and willingness so that you know, you and the horse will work well together. “​Good show horses are those who are responsive to their trainers and who are natural athletes.” Said Mrs. Mohr in a charter interview. ”When I was training, I would try to use positive reinforcement as much as possible.​  Patience and consistency are the most important factors when training a horse.” The sooner you start training the better.

The judges look for different things in each show but, all in all, they look for riders who listen to directions, the horse has a smooth gait switch, (gait switch is when the horse changes its gait to a different gait when either being ask to or naturally doing it) and that the rider and horse works well together and is relaxed. Its also nice when you have a nice outfit so that the judges will get to see that you tried to look your best. Also if you do your horse’s hair, the judges will see that the horse has a nice hair do and it might contribute to getting you a ribbon.

All in all it doesn’t matter if you win or if you lose, the real importance is that you are having fun and enjoying yourself. The competition was an extra something to get you hyped and if you won something, then you won. If you didn’t then don’t feel sad and you’ll have something to look forward to for the next show.


Jill Mohr: personal interview- Feb. 15, 2017 & Feb. 20, 2017