Bully Scholarship Edition

Brandon Bean

The Charter Opinions


“Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied.”


  • Barack Obama



Bully: A repeated offensive to someone or a victim of unfair treatment who has said “no” or “stop”. Typically comes in the form of verbal harassment and, in extreme cases, physical abuse and violence.


It’s everywhere. Like vermin. Swarming public places and feeding off the kind and the weak. Coming in sizes ranging from large to small. The bully.

Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) is not unlike most public schools in this aspect, from verbal to physical abuse. Yet something seems off. After a few interviews, a pattern revealed itself. The students know of more bullying incidents than the teachers do.

Megan Coggins, Student Support Specialist, reports that, “Students are more than welcome to see me if they are having trouble with a peer with a meeting between the two or one-on-one meetings.” Can we only rely on Coggins even when the parents may be the bullies? “Parents are an issue” says Halie Sofich, a student at ACA.

What happened? Are the parents entitled to bully just because they have more authority as adults? No, they are not. Yet it still happens. Alexis Pearson, Student of ACA, Has been a victim of bullying however it goes under another term. Being “Other Mom’d”. “I’ve been other mom’d before. It’s so annoying,” says Ms. Pearson. Being other mom’d means a parent that is not your own has gone out of their way to tell you what to do. Abusing their power. Doesn’t seem fair does it. That is where we should stand up for ourselves.

Standing up for ourselves is a thing of the past because of how strict rules have gotten. “If it happens again, go find an adult,” says every parent or teacher, ever. But what if the adult is the problem. That sentence is a free pass for the victim to constantly look over their shoulder till it happens again. Sometimes that “again” never comes and the bully gets off scot free. Do you know why that “again” might happen? Because we never stood up for ourselves the first time, that’s why. There’s no need to get physical but sometimes a piece of your mind can get things done.

Have confidence and don’t be scared to do things yourself.



Alexis Pearson

Halie Sofich

Megan Coggins