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Brandon Bean

The Charter News

“We can’t help everyone, but… everyone can help someone.”


  • Dr. Loretta Scott


Recently, Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) received an opportunity to obtain donated office furniture from Stephan Bloemer of Clackamas County. Clackamas County had donated it from the City of Damascus office that had unincorporated and who’s cubicles did not match the new office. “We can use most of the tables and all of the cubical partition walls without much need for anything else,” stated Shallon Smith, Facilities Manager. However, there was a catch. We either take all of the offered donated furniture or we walk away. All or nothing. Some agreements were made and we become the proud owners of all of the furniture.

Before it came to ACA, the furniture was stored in a utility trailer until it was finally moved underneath the shelter on the playground at ACA and was kept there until late December. The move came in three steps. Step one was getting the donation to ACA. “We have the Hughes’ family to thank for that,” according to Mrs. Smith. Step two was making room for the donated furniture in the Dirt Room on the lower floor of the building. Volunteers Drew Holland, Ben Coleman, and Brandon Bean, and two paid students arrived to help. After a few hours of hauling unneeded materials, the materials were loaded into a rented dumpster from B&B Leasing. “The total cost of this project is $692.36. The money came from Parent Action Team (PAT) funds,” recounted Danelle Till, Business Manager.

The third step was storing the donations for current and later use. No volunteers arrived that day so all that was left were the two paid students. As to why no volunteers showed up to help, “Possibly because we moved the furniture on a non class day at ACA,” says Mrs. Smith.

At the time of this writing, all cubicle walls have been placed or stored for future use. ”ACA is grateful to all volunteers that participated in this project and keep their eyes and ears open for other opportunities such as this,” according to Mrs. Smith.



Shallon Smith, Facilities Manager

Danelle Till, Business Manager