Salmon In The Science Room!


Samantha Rands

The Charter News


If you missed this year’s batch, you may have another chance. Heppner said, “I would love to do it again. Next year I am hoping to teach an environmental science class and the salmon would fit nicely into the curriculum,”

Two weeks after the salmon hatched and living in the science room, they were released at Salmonberry Lake And Trojan Pond on March 7.

The fish hatchlings came from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW,) where they have a program to provide salmon and trout to classrooms.

Ann Heppner, the science teacher who had been taking care of the salmon, said, “The agreement with ODFW is that once the fish are ‘buttoned up”, which means they have used up the nutrients in their egg sac, they are to be released into a closed body of water.”

The ODFW has a list of approved lakes to release them in. In 1998 ODFW no longer release them into open bodies of water for more likely survival of the fish.

Heppner said, “The fish are here so students can learn about growth and development, habitat, [and] water quality, conditions for fish health and other science subjects related to fish health.”



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