ACA’s 2017 Prom to be on May 13th

Piper Stephens

The Charter News

You may have noticed posters up around school for the 2017 prom. This year, prom is being planned by Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) student Anna Krieske. If you would like to go, tickets are available in study hall for $10. As for inviting friends who aren’t ACA students, that is allowed, but forms have to be filled out for safety reasons.

According to Krieske, everything except for setup and cleanup times has been confirmed, and the majority of decorations has been ordered.

The 2017 prom will be themed “Old Hollywood,” and decorations will include red carpets, curtains, and film strips. All high school students are allowed to attend, and it will be held on May 13th, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm in the ACA gym.

On the topic of having this year’s prom in the school gym rather than at an outside venue Krieske said,“In my experience at ACA dances the theme has been less of a priority, so I wanted to put more money towards the decor than a venue.”

Tickets can be bought in study hall for $10, and if you decide to bring a friend who doesn’t go to ACA, they will need to have the necessary permission forms filled out. According to Danelle Till, ACA’s bookkeeper, Education Specialist, and staff event coordinator, who helps students with prom planning, this is so that the school has the necessary safety information in case something happens.

When asked why she decided to take on this project, Krieske said,“I’m not super sure why I wanted to take this on. I guess I just wanted a prom and no one was doing it, which really shocked me. As overrated as people like to think prom is, I think it’s important.”

Whoever decides to plan the prom controls pretty much everything, including location, theme, and music. According to Till, the dance has to be early enough that cleanup isn’t too late, and there has to be at least two staff members at the dance, in case one has to leave due to an emergency. The necessary forms have to be filled out and given to Megan Coggins, and Till helps the planners budget and decide on a ticket price.

To go to prom, you don’t need to have a date! You can go by yourself or with friends. Just enjoy yourself, and don’t let not having a date keep you from having fun.



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