ACA Drama Club Jr. Performs Alice in Wonderland

Lavender Duff

The Charter News

The gym was filled with teachers, families, and friends; all of them waiting to see the first through eighth grade Drama Club Jr class perform Alice in Wonderland.

Halie Sofich, a sister of a student in the class, said, “There were some technical issues with the lights, but the kids were having a ton of fun and that’s all that really matters.”

When asked about why he was taking the class, 7th grade Ian Sofich said, “I quite like it; acting is fun. It makes me happy.”

According to Darla Hall, the teacher of Drama Club Jr and an Education Specialist at ACA, the class chose Alice in Wonderland because, “many kids were interested in Alice in Wonderland, and we felt that it would be a really fun show with a great variety [of] character options which would work well for the different age groups that we have in our class.”

The process starts with casting the students with their roles. Each student writes their first three character choices, then auditions with both a scene and song from the play. Next, stagecraft works on props and sets and the students practice their parts and choose costumes. Finally, the class performs the play.

The play took place in the Alliance Charter Academy gym on Thursday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 25th.

Tazio Villali, a 9th grade TA for the class says the process is “a lot of work,” but he “enjoyed the experience.”




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