Donate Blood on May 2nd, 8:30AM-2:30PM

Liam Hughes

The Charter News


Not all heroes wear capes… In fact, the most important heroes have a red bandage around their arm. They don’t fly, or have super strength. They donate blood. You have the chance to be a hero May 2 when ACA sponsors a blood drive.


According to the Red Cross, blood is needed every two seconds in the United States alone,That’s 15,768,000 times a year. That is a huge amount of blood! Unfortunately, since blood cannot be manufactured, that means it needs to come from someone.


If you’ve ever had a surgery or been in a serious accident, chances are you needed blood. The blood doesn’t just appear on the shelves; it was donated for the purpose of saving lives. Blood also has a shelf life, so a constant supply has to exist. That is why the American Red Cross holds blood drives to fill the need.


This year, Alliance Charter Academy and our National Honors Society is hosting an American Red Cross blood drive in our own school. Please come and help save the lives of millions of people by giving blood at our blood drive. Anyone can give, and the donation takes about  1 hour and 15 minutes.


Are you willing to give blood to save lives?  Contact Mary Norville at (503-970-6841) or Caeden Brushett at (503-421-1739) or sign up in the main office to schedule an appointment. You can save time by going online to to fill out your information before you donate. The event will be held in the gym on May 2nd. Please show your support for the community and donate blood.


For more information, call Mary Norville (503-970-6841), or go to the American Red Cross website HERE to learn more about blood and the donation process.  


The basic eligibility requirements are:


-Be in good general health


-Weigh at least 110 lbs


-Be 16-years-old (with parental permission form) or older

(permission not needed for age 17 and up)


-Provide an acceptable form of identification


Remember, “Hope Begins with You”.


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Flyers from Mrs. Norville


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