Live or Let Die?

Alexis Pearson

The Charter News


All is still. You hear birds chirping in the distance, gentle rainfall coming down in a mist, everything is peaceful. You are in the rainforest, a beautiful place with tranquil surroundings. But, the world’s rainforests are disappearing and it’s due to a massive increase in deforestation. This is a huge problem in our world today; over 50 percent of the world’s original rainforests are gone.


There are 5 main reasons for deforestation. First agricultural expansion,The increase in global demand for commodities, such as palm oil and soybeans, are driving industrial-scale producers to clear forests at an alarming rate.


Next livestock ranching is another contributor of deforestation. It has been around since 1990. After that there is logging, including illegal logging, it is a driver of deforestation and destroys the livelihoods of those who depend on the forest. Also infrastructure expansion like road construction can lead to deforestation by providing an entryway to previously remote land. The 5,404-km Interoceanic Highway, which runs from Brazil to Peru, is a concern for conservationists as the road cuts a strip through the Amazon rainforest. The road expansions often lead to logging and illegal logging.


Finally there is overpopulation, there is an increase in global needs and wants, leading to expansion and deforestation. The planet’s forests are being devastated at an even rate with population growth. But how can we stop deforestation? This is a commonly asked question throughout the world. Well you can’t exactly just fly to say peru and stop deforestation. But you can do small things in your everyday life to help prevent it. Now the list could just go on forever about all the things you can do, but I believe that this “Trees” acronym sums it up.


Help save our world’s rainforests and focus on “Trees”


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