ACA Students Visit the Oregonian

Louisa Rux -The Charter News

The eight students and teacher of the ACA Charter met at the Oregonian on November 18th (at a building of an old FBI Headquarters) to have a tour led by Lizzy Acker, an outspoken, blue-haired news reporter on the Oregonian.

The teacher, Mr. Lancaster, arranged the field trip so his journalism students could have the experience of being in a real newspaper setting, and to get them a feel for the business.

“One thing I learned…was how big of a role social media now plays in our news…” says Rachel Armstrong, the Editor of The ACA Charter.

“It’s not just what you might see in a movie, where someone stumbles on a big story just by accident…” says Elliot Barnhill, a reporter at The ACA Charter.

Once at the Oregonian, each student was required to bring 10 questions to ask Acker. When asked what working at a paper was like, Acker claimed, “This is a great job for a short attention span.” The journalist claimed she sometimes writes 6-7 stories per day, and sometimes stay in the office until 2:00-3:00am.

You can visit the Oregonian by using this link:, and you can find Lizzy Acker’s page by using this link:

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