Letters to The Editor

Dear Editor,


Please compliment Annelise Krieske on her well-researched article about homework. I find it ironic that a “homeschooler” should have such familiarity with (and distaste for) busywork homework, and a feeling of wasting her precious youthful energy. I certainly remember that feeling from my public high school days, and I bet that many homeschooling families at ACA started out with the desire to avoid that fate for their children.


Many homeschoolers spend their elementary years doing a mix of eclectic learning or unschooling, fostering a love of learning in their children, but then some end up transitioning out of that in middle and high school. Parents feel the pressure to perform from society, and therefore enroll in a public school (or online school, charter etc), even if they might rather not, simply because there are few other options. Exclusive homeschooling through high school takes a lot of confidence, and not many families hold firm.


I would challenge ACA high schoolers to remember their experiences and be the force of change in the future of education in this state. Remember that feeling of freedom and exploration from your elementary days, and find ways to create that for future students in any school.


Good article!


Chris Engelke

Oregon City