PAT Officer Positions Shift

Piper Stephens The Charter News

Recently the Parent Action Team (PAT) has had a change in officer memberships. According to Carla Calhoun, the ACA Parent Liaison, the change was due to some members not having enough time in their schedules. One of the open positions has been filled, but the other is still open, and may stay that way through the end of the year.

Last December two PAT officer positions became empty due to conflicting family schedules, Calhoun said.

“The two offices that were vacated recently were the vice president and the secretary, and this year we had two couples who were sharing those responsibilities,” according to Calhoun.

The PAT is a group made up of ACA parents, two new family mentors, and PAT officers that helps organize events and fundraise. The PAT officers are volunteers who take on more responsibility for the group. The officer positions are: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator.

As a result of varying numbers of parents attending meetings, the PAT doesn’t have a set number of members. Recently the position of secretary has been filled by Chantel Bunker. However, there still is no vice president.

“Vice presidency is still open,” said Carla Calhoun, “There was some discussion of did the PAT want to fulfill that office or just wait, because we’re mid-year.“

If the decision is made to wait on filling that office, the new vice president will take the position before school next year.

Carla Calhoun, Personal Interview, January 30, 2017