Oregon City Public Schools Add Hours; ACA Stays The Same

Samantha Rands

The ACA Charter



 Other schools have added more hours to make up for the snow days; ACA doesn’t have to make up the snow days, because they are called “homeschool days.”


 “We look at attendance differently, like a traditional school their attendance is based on how many hours they’re in an instructional seat, so seat time in a class,” said Nic Chapin, the Director of ACA. “Ours is based off a body of work, with what the ES sees…. So that’s why our homeschool days can count as instructional days for us.”


Chapin also said that if more days are cancelled, we’re going to have to add more on site school days.



Oregon City Public Schools are going to have to make up the days.  According to Resolution 1617-416 Revise 2016-17 School Calendar, The school board voted Option 2 on January 30th, to modify the school calendar so twelve of the normally half days are a full day.  Larry Didway, the Oregon City School superintendent, said, “The board will determine between two proposed options… Option 1–Calendar Extension and Option 2–Calendar Modification.”  Option 1 was going to lengthen the school calendar to go more into the summer.


Although the ACA teachers enjoyed a couple more days of break, they are having a hard time making up all the missing work.


Chad Wynne, a History Teacher, said, “I’ve had to cut out some materials and topics that I had planned to cover.”


Diana Brainard, a Language Arts Teacher, said, “In one class there isn’t really a way to make up lessons, we will just not get as far this year.  In my other class we are doubling up on lessons in class and cutting back on the amount that we can cover in class.”


Erin Holman, an ES and the Tap Class Teacher, said, “To be honest, I was very glad to have more days of break. Though my tap class was planning to perform at the end of January with the choir, but now that has been postponed due to lack of class meeting time. So I suppose that was a bit inconvenient.”


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