ACA Takes Steps Toward Community Garden

By Piper Stephens

The Charter

Loads of soil will soon be delivered to ACA for the community garden that is planned to become part of the school. The garden will be behind the soccer field, and will serve multiple purposes for ACA.

The garden will be made of multiple beds, made by different people. Some teachers will have their own for certain classes, and ACA families can design and take care of a bed too. Any plants can be placed in a garden bed, including fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Work on the community garden began when plumbing was installed for irrigation. Now, if you were to go behind the soccer field, you would see a water spigot. For the garden to be completely up and running it will need garden beds, volunteers, and of course plants. According to Nic Chapin, soil for the garden beds will be delivered in March, and the garden will be planted in April.

The community garden will be able to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for ACA staff and families. “The third stage”, said Jill Mohr, ”would be having people from the outside community come in and also have a bed.” However, the school is not allowed to use produce from the garden for school lunches because of district policies.

Despite not being allowed to use the fruits and vegetables in school lunches, the garden will be used as an “outdoor classroom” for some classes, and as a place for people who want to learn about gardening and environmental science.




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