Ye Old Kickball Field

Brandon Bean

We’ve all seen it out there, sad and all alone. It rusts quietly in the harsh, unforgiving Oregon weather. Its bleachers are mangled to shreds as blackberries grow underneath them as if out of some twisted scene of Snow White. The fence hangs on its frame with what little dear life it has left. The dirt and bases have been pressed into the earth and have been overgrown by weeds of a devilish and unruly nature. Sad and dying slowly, we pay it no mind due to our inability to traverse the rustland that is the school kickball field.

The old kickball field has stood for longer than anyone can remember and has received no care for nearly just as long. With a little bit of money and elbow grease, we can restore it and use it for P.E. and clubs.

Alexis Pearson has said “If we could use that field we could have a competitive baseball team. Our school is K-12 and its weird how we don’t have a competitive team.”

After an interview with Nic Chapin, a ray of hope shines on the field. Chapin states, “The students can use the field to form a club, however we can’t form a competitive team. If the club wants to, they can fix up the field themselves.”