Recycling With Style

By Justin Dille

Schools generate a lot of trash, and Alliance Charter Academy is no exception. It does not take long for a school’s garbage cans to fill to their brims. Once they do, their contents are simply sent to the dump without a second thought, and the cycle begins anew. maxresdefault.jpgHowever, it may be possible for ACA to dispose of some of these materials with the creative power of its students in a recycled art class.  A class based on repurposing recycling as art and household items could not only open students to unique artistic opportunities, it could also open up opportunities to raise student awareness toward recycling and how trash affects the environment.


People around the world have begun repurposing their trash and recycling themselves, turning what most of us would consider trash, into works of art, household decorations, appliances, and even furniture. One of the more ornate genres that follow this technique is known as “Steampunk”, a genre invented around the 1980’s by people such as author K.W Jeter and H.G Wells where everyday items are repurposed into Victorian-themed works of art, often with an additional feature of practicality. By following trends such as this, it may be possible for ACA to create a greener environment for the future by unlocking a wider range of creative potential for its students.


ACA is always looking for new creative ways to open up opportunities to make education fun for its students, such as fencing, musical theater, and maker lab to name only a few. It may be possible for ACA to include these movements of creative repurposing in the future. The class could also introduce students to methods of repurposing which they may use throughout their lives. As said once by Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake “The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse.”

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