Touching people’s hearts one piece at a time

Rachel Armstrong

Feature: Art Student Taylor Walker

Some are gifted with an aptitude for science, others for math, some are talented dancers, others are rising athletes. Taylor Walker is just one amazing example of the talent we have here at Alliance Charter Academy (ACA).

To me, art is a form of expression”, says eighth grader Taylor Walker in response to the question, “what does art mean to you”.

“[Art is] a lot like writing and music, though I always like to think that art can express more than words”. To Taylor, art is a way of expressing and sharing her deepest emotions.

Todd Ingham, a teacher of Taylor’s at ACA, praises her on her unique talent, saying she is  “talented with perspective…rendering in a naturalistic way….[she has a] nice eye for proportion and texture perspective…[and a] wonderful sense of design.”

Ingham says Taylor is “talented [at] grasping the fundamentals” and has beautiful expression in all of her art. “She is skilled in all aspects, [but] predominance would be her formal abilities” or what he referred to as “craftsmanship…the core of what art is.”

Art is a huge part of Taylor’s life, and she hopes to continue pursuing it throughout her life. One of Taylor’s younger sisters, Allison Walker, says, “Taylor will definitely have the skills to be an artist, but the choice is hers.”

Taylor started taking art classes about five years ago at Renaissance Arts Academy in California, before she moved here to Oregon. After coming here, she began classes at the Masters School Of Art (MSOA) in Clackamas, spending six hours there every Friday.

“She has really flourished at Masters School of Art, which she began about 2 ½ years ago,” says Taylor’s mother, Jen Walker.

Taylor is taking two art classes at ACA, Structural Drawing, and Painting Through Art History. These two classes give her a large total of nine hours of art classes a week. Even her daily routine revolves largely around her passion for art.

Taylor believes being an artist gives her the opportunity to express herself and others.

“I know she will always make art a part of her life any way that she can. It’s who she is!” says Jen.

Through art, Taylor says she hopes to “encourage, uplift, and touch people’s hearts.”


Walker, Taylor. Email interview. November 18th, 2016

Walker, Allison (Taylor’s sister). Email interview. November 17th, 2016

Walker, Jen (Taylor’s mom). Email interview. November 29th, 2016

Ingham, Todd, Art teacher at ACA, teaches Taylor. In person Interview. December 6th, 2016