ACA Students Speak their Mind on Elections


By Louisa Rux

ACA Charter News

Nov. 21, 2016 — Trump once again wins, but this time by a landslide–in the ACA polls.

On the day before the 2016 election, The ACA Charter started a poll on its website. It included all five candidates.

The poll was started early in the morning on November 7th, and was closed early Wednesday morning (Nov. 9th).

It was started by ACA’s Journalism class teacher, Michael Lancaster. He claimed it would be interesting, “…for us to see how our readers’ preferences compare to national polling results.”

Although school polls were brief (with only 94 voters), they ended up being surprising. It was apparent that some students wanted to speak their minds.

In the school poll, Democrat Hillary Clinton had 15 percent, Libertarian Gary Johnson had 12 percent, Independent Evan McMullen got 2 percent, Green Party candidate Jill Stein had 2 percent, and Republican Donald Trump won with 69%.

Although Trump won in the school poll, it was quite different from the national election, where the final two candidates were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump won with 290 electoral votes and 62.2 million popular votes, while  Hillary Clinton had 232 electoral votes and 64.2 million popular votes.

Mr. Lancaster claimed he was surprised by the outcome. “I figured the results would be similar to the national polling results at the time, which were fairly evenly split.”