Perfume Stinks

Samantha Rands

The Charter News

People should reconsider putting on perfume. From perfume intolerance and harmful chemicals, a lovely scent is not worth it.

Perfume intolerance is when a person is sensitive to an artificial or natural scent such as scented products and flowers. It’s not an allergen but an irritant, which means it has similar symptoms but your immune system doesn’t fight it like an allergen.  For people who are sensitive, symptoms include migraines, trouble breathing, watery eyes, and rashes.

This intolerance is becoming more common. The University of Gothenburg says, “Hypersensitivity to perfumes is the most common contact allergy in adults.” However, it’s not well known. Teachers and students have said strong perfume makes it hard to focus. The ACA registration form doesn’t ask about perfume sensitivity the same way they do with food allergies.  They should, because it’s very hard to focus if a student gets a migraine.

Not only do they affect people who are sensitive, perfumes can affect your health. says, “Hidden behind their pleasant scents are typically chemicals linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and even cancer.”  Some of the most popular chemicals in perfumes are parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musk. Perfume companies list these harmful chemicals as “fragrances” in their ingredients.

People wear perfume to smell nice, but it’s not worth the damaging chemicals, migraines, and watering eyes.  If you have to wear it, wear it lightly, where people can only smell it an arm’s length away.

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