Parents in the Lunchroom

Brandon Bean             

Space. Space is vast. Not the space up above you, but the space around you. This valuable resource is running out, and fast. Narrowing it down, Alliance Charter Academy (ACA) is a relatively small school compared to most. Housing a population of roughly four hundred kids ranging from kindergarten to seniors, space is limited. The cafeteria can hold all the high schoolers at once. However, slowly but steadily, parents have taken that space and transformed it into a place for their children that are too young to be in school or children just entering preschool.

Because of this migration, students are forced to stand or sit in the halls creating the infamous “Fire Hazard” phenomena. I talked with our business manager Danelle Till. She says, “We added twenty five students, and the majority of them would be K (kindergarten) through third last year.” That may explain why this phenomenon is happening.

However, for some students this isn’t a problem. Aiden Norvo says, “I think it’s fine the way it is. I have no problem with it because I always have somewhere to sit.” He sits with his mom in the cafeteria. Gavin Young, 9th Grade, states that “I only go in there to get food and get out. My friends are usually in the gym or the hallways.”

The cafeteria is for the students from noon to noon-thirty. A possible fix to this dilemma could be that the parents allow students more room at the lunch tables during brief half-hour of lunch. This would allow a lot more of the student population to sit and eat at tables instead of resorting to the hall floors. Not only is eating on the hall floors uncomfortable, it is also a health hazard from all the germs that crawl along the floor so close to student’s food.

Maybe this is a bigger problem than it appears.