Oregon Families Prepare For Zoo Lights



As the leaves begin to change, and the temperature begins dropping, Oregonians everywhere prepare for the holiday season. The Oregon Zoo is no exception, as they prepare for their most popular seasonal event, the “Zoo Lights”. Every winter, the Zoo strings up scores of Christmas lights, surrounding visitors in a sea of fantastic displays as they create scenes of Christmas light animals in their neon habitats within the pre-existing animal enclosures. Many families have claimed that Zoo Lights is their favorite family event, and have even made it a family tradition to visit the display every holiday season. The Zoo Lights has also become a popular time for couples to take the night out and enjoy their time with one another. As said by Erika Dille, who visited event on christmas day as of last year, “The Zoo Lights was definitely one of the best, if not the best date I have ever been on. I highly recommend it to all families, and couples whether they’re married or not.”
When? 11/25/16 – 01/01/17 — 5:00pm-9:00pm — value night = 5:00pm-8:00pm
Where? The Oregon zoo
Adult 12-64 ($14.95) [$9.95 value night]
Senior 65+ ($12.95) [$7.95 value night]
Youth 3-11 ($9.95) [$4.95 value night]
2 & under (free all days)
 Oregon Zoo members (free on all days) [gain access to zoo lights two days early. 11/23/16]