May the Battle Begin!!

By Annie Pullella

The Charter News

Unfriended or An Ember in the Ashes; These two are books from Julie Swanson’s high school team and Diana Brainerd’s middle school team OBOB book list. 2015’s team went to state and they all were 8th graders so they brought their “experience” to the high school team.  

“I think the book list is well-rounded. It has a unique books from lots of different genres.” Said Madison Ramsey in an Charter interview.

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) has officially started for the season. OBOB is a competition sport/event between different schools and states. America Battle of the Books (ABB) sends them the books that are being tested on each year. Then, at school, students can join. Each school has one team, representing each grade team for that school.

ACA’s Librarian, Jennifer Hitchcock, decided to have our school join seven years ago. “ACA thought that it would be a different way of reading then just sitting in their room skimming a book instead of actually reading it. They also thought if there was a little competition, it might spark some interest in some people. They also get to increase their team working skills, communication, and to have some fun,” according to a handout.  

Diana Brainerd is leading this year’s middle school team, while Julie is leading the High Schools. There is a interesting situation in the middle school team, more students than usual are wanting to do OBOB. Mrs. Brainerd says that the teams will be made up of the kids who can meet on the certain days. While in the high school, Mrs. Swanson says, “I pick the people to team up so that I can put the people who work best with each other together and if I need to, I can re-organise the teams.

ACA has three teams because we are a K-12 school. Each team works on their own. Each member in the team must pick a book to be the “expert” of that book. In their meetings, they talk to the OBOB leader about each book and they start to prepare for regionals–mock battles, quizzing, memorization, and some practice questions that ABB sends when regionals are close.  

If there is more than one team in each grade team, then they have to battle against each other to see which team is better. Lucky for ACA, Diana Brainerd has said, during a Charter interview, “We never had to do a battle here at ACA. If we do a battle this year, it will be pretty exciting because it will be the first year that we ever had to do that.”

It looks like OBOB racked up more students this year than before. Way to go, may the best team win!