ACA Students travel to the Land of the Rising Sun


Louisa Rux

A small group of ACA students will soon be departing to Japan for a nine to eleven day educational trip.

How did this trip come to be? Chad Wynne, a teacher at ACA, went to a conference for EF (Education First), a notable tour company for students. There, he was persuaded by a friend to consider putting together a group of kids to tour Japan. Students can earn .5 credits, and by paying some extra, can earn college credit as well.

Six students and four adults have eagerly signed up for this educational adventure. Among the adults are three teachers: Carla Calhoun, Erin Holman, and Chad Wynne, as well as a parent of one of the students.

Out of everyone in the group, Chad Wynne is the only Japanese speaker, having lived in Osaka for twenty years.

During the trip the group will travel to Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone, and Kyoto, and for a two-day extension, have the opportunity to go to Hiroshima and Osaka. Students will have an experienced tour guide to guide them around the country. Some of the sites the will go to include the Imperial Palace Plaza, Meiji Shinto Shrine, Gold Pavilion, and Nijo castle.

Unfortunately, sign-ups are now closed. Mr. Wynne said, “If someone wanted to join the tour, they could, but they would have to pay an extra fee.” Costs start at $3,500.

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