Knee to Curb; Curb Wins



By: Samantha Rands                                                                                                                                    The Charter News

Despite his website’s claim of “many miles of riding his bike with no hands,” Mr. Noah Beck broke his knee-cap last month while taking a phone call while biking.

ACA’s guitar and ukulele teacher wrote in an email, “Was riding bike. Received phone call. answered it.  Later I failed to stop and hit a curb and fell.  Slow, awkward fall.  Knee–>curb.  Curb won.”

In the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 14th, Beck was riding his bicycle on the bike-friendly road, near the NE 33rd and Going Street bus stop, in Portland. He said he answered his friend’s call, leaving him vulnerable with only one hand left on the handlebars.  He failed to stop causing his knee to slam to the sidewalk. He broke his kneecap in half.

   He asked his friend, who heard the whole thing over the phone, for help.  He went to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

    Terri Stack (the music assistant), and the strings teacher,  co-subbed his ukelele and guitar classes for the two weeks he was gone.  

    Beck is back to teaching and is recovering now.  You can see him teaching in Terri’s zero gravity outdoor recliner chair.

Beck was also interviewed by KGW after his brother was attacked by a shark at Cannon Beach.  His brother also went to Legacy Emanuel, for a chunk out of his leg.  Stack said that they should buy a lottery ticket, since what are the odds of two brothers both hurting their legs.


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