Creating an Even Better Learning Environment at ACA

This new school-year has brought in many changes. Although not all of these changes have been accepted as well as others, each of these changes gives us an opportunity to grow. With new staff to learn from and new students to learn alongside of, we have the ability to change ACA for the better. We hope that these new changes will enable us to grow as a community and build an even better environment and academic experience.

To us, an even better learning environment means building a healthier community, healthier relationships between students and teachers, providing a positive space to make mistakes, and offering even more support to all students. We believe the best ways to cultivate this type of environment is by allowing and accepting more diversity among students, including promoting and supporting our Basketball clubs, Christian clubs, and Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs. We also believe it is important to offer even more support to students, including more interactive resources such as study groups during or in place of study hall.

We hope this year will be a positive learning experience for both our teachers and students. The goal for our project, The Charter, is to not only be relevant, useful, and interesting to you, our audience, but to also bring our students and staff together. We want to tell true stories, publish readers responses, and, in doing so, start and moderate some thoughtful conversations around issues that matter to us.

To Our Teachers and ESs’: Thank you! For dedicating your time and energy to improving our education and enriching our lives, and for helping us grow, and maybe even more importantly, for growing with us.

And To Our Fellow Students: Thank you! For making this school what it is. We hope change, as difficult as it may be, will help us all develop.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”  ~ Alexandra K.Trenfor